Detox and Lymphatic Drainage

Why would my body need a lymphatic massage?

Well let me do a brief explanation of what your lymph system is. And don’t worry, as a Certified Lymphedema Therapist I still explain how and why my treatment works to the doctors I work with.

The lymph system in its simplest form is the garbage and immune system of the body. See that was simple.

The complicated part comes when explaining why you want me to do this to you because this treatment can work on almost anything for anyone. So depending on the results of an evaluation is when I am able to describe the very specific reasons as to how this can help with your symptoms.

How do I know I need a Lymphatic drainage?

The main reason my clients seek this treatment out is because they suffer from an accumulation of fluid causing swelling that does not go way with elevation. These clients will have a body part such as an arm or leg that is considerable bigger than the their other side. In this case, manual lymph drainage and the proper external compression is the main course of treatment.  

However, then there is swelling after an injury, surgery, or to a joint from repetitive use. This is the main population of client that I use this technique on. They have inflammation that causes them pain, somewhere in the body, and the use of ice and anti-inflammatory meds are not helping.

Why is this happening?

What happens is the body naturally wants to send fluid to cushion the injured area to help protect it, but without proper alignment and joint stability the person continues to re-injure the area. This causes the inflammation cycle to keep repeating itself.

During my treatments, I manually decrease the accumulated fluid and educate the client on how to move and strengthen the surrounding muscles to prevent a recurrence.  

How about swelling and scar tissue from surgery? 

For a person who has had surgery and they have adhesions from the scar, this is a wonderful way to decrease that restricted tissue. So let me explain this a little better. After a surgery and healing has occurred, the surgeon wants the tissue around the scar to be mobile. Otherwise the adhered tissue can cause more pain and mobility limitations.

The lymph techniques can increase the fluidity of this tissue allowing the scar to move and eliminating the chance of restricted tissue.

Does this work for detoxing the body?

Then there are my clients that are very health conscious and want to have lymph drainage to aid in detoxing their body. During this treatment focus I assess each organ to ensure fluidity and make sure that all of the major lymph pathways are not congested.

This is a full body treatment and can take awhile, but these clients appreciate it when in conjunction with their healthy lifestyle.

Wondering if a Detox and Lymphatic Drainage session is Right For You?

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